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Katy Chamberlin
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Karen Garcia
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 Jen Dixon
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Mental Health Specialist

Dual Enrollment courses through Sierra College

NEW COURSE......Transferable Elective Credits

AAD 0070. Introduction to Digital Design

Units: 3
Hours: 72 (36 lecture, 36 activity) 
Introduction to fundamental concepts and techniques of art and design on the computer. Includes basic computer skills, digital image capture, image manipulation, drawing, page layout, and preparation of images for print, web or multimedia. Students develop creative projects using current graphics software. (C-ID ARTS 250) (CSU, UC)

English 1A             English 1B                                      Intro to Kinesiology (KIN 81)     

Mechatronics (Mech 8)          Wood 1 (CET 3)            Wood 2 (CET 5)                               

Bio & Sustained Agriculture (AGRI 196)                    Chem and Agriscience (AGRI 221)

Medical Terminology (HSCI 3)                                    Emergency Medical Responder (HSCI 7)

Additional Courses through Online Courses

History 17B  History of the US since 1865

History 51 World History since 1500 

AP Statistics (distance MATH 13)

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