Alumni Directory

Have you received this card in the mail lately?

You my have recently received a postcard asking for you contact information for the 2015 edition of the Placer High School Alumni Directory.  Every 5 to 7 years, the alumni directory is updated with the most current information of all Placer High graduates.  This page is designed to answer any questions you my have.

1. What is the Placer High School Alumni Directory?
    The Placer High School Alumni Directory is a publication produced specifically for Placer High Alum.  The 315 page book includes three main sections
  • The Biographical Section 
    • (Class year, job title & business address and phone, residence address and phone, spouse's name, children's names and email address.) 
  • Class Year Selection 
    • (Alumni are listed by their student names under their class years.  Alumni who graduated before 1930 are listed under the heading "Prior to 1930". A single asterisk denotes alumni who were unavailable to confirm their addresses or did not respond to mailings.  A double asterisk denotes alumni who could not be located or who were reported as deceased.
  • Geographical Section 
    • (Alumni are listed under their residence addresses in the following order: state, U.S. military, and outside the U.S. Following each name are career networking code and class year.)

2.  Who collects the information?

    Harris Connect is under contract with Placer High School to produce a publication of its constituents.  Harris Connect uses research vendors to augment the list and increase the likelihood of contacting the constituents so they can update their data for the official records of the school/organization. This gives the alumni/members a greater opportunity to confirm or provide correct data and to reserve a copy of the custom-made publication. Constituents do not have to purchase in order to be listed, however the publication itself creates a wonderful opportunity for alumni/members to reconnect or get back in touch with each other.

3.  I am concerned about the privacy of my data?

    The directory information is publishable under FERPA  (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) - alumni considered non-student over the age of 18.  Six decoy listings are included in the database to reveal any improper usage.  Directories are only offered and provided to Placer High's approved list.   Harris Connect contractually binds itself to not sell the alumni database.  Please refer to Harris Connect’s Privacy Policy at

4.  Why do I have to call?  Can't I just fill out an online form?

    Harris Connect requires you to call to verify the identity of the person giving the information.  Online forms allow anyone to post info for anybody.

5.  Do I have to buy the book to be included?

   No purchase is necessary.

6.  I found errors in the 2007 publication.  Who do I contact to correct it?
  Any questions or errors in the alumni directory need to be directed to Harris Connect who collects all of the data.  Please do not contact Placer High School regarding any errors in the publication.   Harris Connect can be contacted at 1-800-877-6554

7.  Can I purchase the Alumni Directory at Placer High School?
  No.  All directory purchases must be made through Harris Connect.  Placer High School will not be selling them.

 8.  Where do the proceeds go?
  The majority of the proceeds of the Alumni Directory go to Harris Connect, although a small percentage of the sales is sent to Placer High School.