Principal's Message


Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

It’s going to be another amazing year at Placer High School!  As the principal of Placer High School, not a day goes by where I am not amazed by our students, teachers, support staff, and community members that make Placer High School a great place to learn.   

We welcomed in our class of 2022, and they are already finding their path and involvement in what it means to be a Hillmen.  Our 11th and 12th graders are preparing for life after high school, and our staff is laser focused on meeting the needs of all students at Placer High School.  Yet, there is much work to be done this year.

This year is our 6 year WASC accreditation cycle, where a team of educators visit Placer High School, to validate our accomplishments and set a path for areas of need to accomplish even more achievements for our students.  We value your input, and will be seeking parental involvement throughout our WASC process in the early Fall as we write our document for submission.

We kicked off our first day back with teacher’s, focusing on our efforts to reach the whole student.  We are using the phrase: Head, Heart, and Hands. This means we support our students academic success through Head knowledge and preparing for the academic rigors of life after high school.  We teach to their Hearts, supporting character education, life skills, and their overall socio-emotional well being. We encourage the use of their Hands, through acts of service for others, and their community, and seek to equip them for community partnerships through intern and externships, job shadowing and apprenticeships.  Just as a person cannot function without all body parts working in conjunction, so too a learner cannot fully learn without reaching every part of the student.  We are excited for this clear path of a future state of a Placer High School Student Learner.

We continue to learn more about the new accountability model in place for schools in our State and how it applies to Placer High School. We are excited to see a more multi-faceted approach to student preparedness.  Students and Schools will now be accountable to meet a College and Career Readiness Level, where students can map out their own paths to success. With the help of our counselors, students should be meeting a Readiness Pathway that includes one of the following areas of completion besides graduation with a diploma from PHS:  A CTE Pathway Completion, Standardized Test Met Achievement, Enrollment of 2 Dual Credit Courses, Passing 2 AP Exams, and A-G Completion.  Our goal, is that 100% of our graduating students meet this Indicator Level.

The campus is already abuzz with Fall activities.  We encourage you to be part of this amazing journey we call the High School experience.  We are better together, be part the tradition at Placer High School.

Have a Wonderful Year!

Through Service,

Mr. Caminiti, PHS Principal

Placer Athletics